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In the contemporary corporate world, providing convenient and efficient food solutions for employees is more important than ever. MealPe stands out as the ultimate online food ordering solution for corporate offices and commercial buildings in India. Designed to cater to companies of all sizes and complexities, MealPe ensures that every meal is delivered on time, satisfies dietary needs, and fits within budget constraints. This comprehensive guide will explore the features, benefits, and implementation of MealPe, demonstrating why it is the best choice for modern workplaces.

Why Choose MealPe for Corporate Offices and Commercial Buildings?

Seamless Food Ordering Experience

MealPe offers an end-to-end solution for corporate catering, ensuring that every aspect of the food ordering process is streamlined and efficient. From selecting menus to delivery and feedback, MealPe covers it all, providing a hassle-free experience for both employees and management.

Versatility and Flexibility

Whether it’s a small startup or a large enterprise, MealPe can accommodate any company size, budget, or operational complexity. The platform’s flexibility allows businesses to scale their food ordering needs up or down, ensuring that no food or money is wasted.

Comprehensive Management Tools

MealPe provides robust tools for monitoring and tracking bulk food orders, making it easy for corporate managers to oversee food operations from anywhere. The platform includes features such as real-time tracking, detailed reporting, and customizable dashboards, ensuring complete control over the food ordering process.

Employee Satisfaction

MealPe is designed with employee satisfaction in mind. By offering a wide variety of meal options from over 250 restaurants, employees can enjoy their favorite foods without leaving the office. This convenience not only saves time but also enhances overall workplace satisfaction.

Key Features of MealPe

Customizable Employee Meal Programs

MealPe allows companies to set up customizable meal programs where employees can order what they want from a rotating variety of restaurants. Employers can set subsidies and schedules, ensuring that meal programs fit within budget constraints while still offering great variety and quality.

QR Code-Based Ordering

Employees can easily access digital menus and place orders using QR codes, either from their desks or meeting rooms. This eliminates the need for physical menus and streamlines the ordering process.

Real-Time Order Tracking

MealPe’s platform provides real-time tracking of orders, allowing both employees and kitchen staff to monitor the status of orders. This transparency ensures timely delivery and minimizes any potential issues.

Automated Logistics

Once set up, MealPe handles all logistics, from curating restaurant options to managing delivery schedules. This automation reduces the burden on corporate staff and ensures a smooth operation.

Multi-Vendor Support

MealPe supports multiple vendors, allowing employees to choose from a wide range of food options. This diversity ensures that all dietary needs and preferences are catered to, making it a versatile solution for any corporate environment.

Implementing MealPe in Your Corporate Office

Setting Up MealPe

Setting up MealPe in your corporate office is a straightforward process. The platform is designed to integrate seamlessly with existing corporate infrastructures. Here’s a step-by-step guide to get started:

  1. Sign Up and Configure: Create an account and configure your corporate settings, including locations, floors, and meeting rooms.
  2. Customize Menus: Choose from a variety of restaurant partners and customize menus to fit your company’s preferences and dietary needs.
  3. Set Subsidies and Schedules: Define meal subsidies and delivery schedules according to your corporate policies.
  4. QR Code Integration: Implement QR codes in strategic locations for easy access to digital menus.
  5. Training and Support: Provide training for employees and staff on how to use the platform. MealPe offers 24/7 support to ensure a smooth transition.

Employee Engagement and Feedback

Engaging employees in the new food ordering system is crucial for its success. Encourage employees to use the platform by highlighting its benefits, such as convenience, variety, and ease of use. Additionally, collecting feedback from employees can help refine the service and address any concerns promptly.

Monitoring and Adjusting

Use MealPe’s detailed reporting tools to monitor the performance of the food ordering system. Track metrics such as order frequency, employee satisfaction, and budget adherence. Make adjustments as needed to optimize the service for your corporate environment.

Advantages of Using MealPe

Increased Productivity

By allowing employees to order food from their desks or meeting rooms, MealPe minimizes disruptions and maximizes productivity. Employees no longer need to spend time waiting in line at cafeterias or stepping out for meals.

Enhanced Employee Satisfaction

Providing a wide variety of meal options directly to the workplace enhances employee satisfaction. Happy and well-fed employees are more likely to be productive and engaged in their work.

Operational Efficiency

MealPe automates the entire food ordering process, reducing the administrative burden on corporate staff. This efficiency allows companies to focus on their core operations while ensuring that employee meals are handled seamlessly.


MealPe’s flexible platform can easily scale to meet the needs of growing companies. Whether expanding to new locations or increasing headcount, MealPe can adapt to changing requirements without compromising service quality.

Cost Savings

By optimizing meal subsidies and minimizing food waste, MealPe helps companies save on their food service budgets. The platform’s detailed reporting tools also provide insights into spending patterns, allowing for better financial planning.

Features Breakdown

QR-Based Web Menu

The QR-based web menu allows employees to access digital menus quickly and easily. By scanning a QR code, they can view available food options, place orders, and make payments without leaving their desks.

Employee and Staff Management

MealPe’s management tools provide detailed insights into employee and staff meal preferences and order histories. This data helps in making informed decisions about menu offerings and service improvements.

Pantries and Meeting Rooms Management

The platform includes features to manage orders for different pantries and meeting rooms. This ensures that food is delivered to the right location at the right time, enhancing the overall efficiency of the service.

Fully Automated Ordering Process

From order placement to delivery, MealPe automates the entire process. This automation reduces the risk of errors, ensures timely deliveries, and frees up staff to focus on other tasks.

Kitchen Tablet App

MealPe’s kitchen tablet app allows kitchen staff to manage and track orders in real-time. The app provides notifications for new orders, tracks order status, and helps in managing the kitchen’s workload efficiently.

How MealPe Benefits Corporate Offices

For Companies

  • Feed Your Team Right: Ensure that employees have access to healthy and satisfying meals without the hassle of managing food logistics.
  • Happy, Healthy Employees: Well-fed employees are more productive and satisfied, contributing to a positive workplace environment.
  • Works with Any Schedule and Budget: MealPe’s customizable meal programs can fit any schedule and budget, making it an ideal solution for companies of all sizes.
  • Runs on Its Own, but You’re in Control: While MealPe handles the logistics, companies retain control over meal programs and budgets, ensuring alignment with corporate policies.

For Employees

  • Eat Well at Work: Employees can choose from a wide variety of meal options, ensuring they have access to their favorite foods.
  • No Frustration: The streamlined ordering process eliminates the frustration of waiting in lines or dealing with errors.
  • No Brown-Bag Blahs: With MealPe, employees can enjoy fresh and delicious meals every day, avoiding the monotony of packed lunches.
  • Pick Up Right in Your Office: Convenient delivery ensures that employees can pick up their meals without leaving the office.

Types of Meal Delivery

Tailored Office Meal Programs

MealPe’s tailored office meal programs allow employees to customize their meals by choosing different dishes from partner restaurants. This flexibility ensures that everyone’s dietary needs and preferences are met.

Order Meal by Choice

Employees can browse a long list of delicious cuisines served by nearby restaurants and order their favorite meals. This option provides a personalized dining experience right at the workplace.

Daily On-Time Delivery

For offices that prefer regular meal deliveries, MealPe offers daily on-time delivery services. Restaurants cater a variety of menu options every day, ensuring that employees don’t have to worry about what to order.

A Winning Formula for Corporate Food Delivery

Online Corporate Food Ordering App

MealPe’s online corporate food ordering app is designed to provide a seamless ordering experience. The app includes features such as menu browsing, order placement, payment processing, and real-time tracking.

Empowering Food Delivery Startups, SMBs, Franchises, and Big Enterprises

MealPe’s flexible platform empowers food delivery startups, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), franchises, and large enterprises to launch and expand their food ordering services without the need for a large team.

On-Demand Food Delivery App for Corporates

MealPe offers quick and convenient meal delivery services tailored for today’s working professionals. Employees can schedule deliveries for now or later, ensuring that their meals arrive exactly when they need them.

Bringing Diverse Food Options to Your Workplace Community

Local and on-site vendors play a crucial role in creating value for your employees. MealPe’s technology-driven platform enables these vendors to offer a wide variety of food options, enhancing the workplace dining experience.


MealPe stands out as the best online food ordering solution for corporate offices and commercial buildings in India. Its comprehensive features, flexibility, and focus on employee satisfaction make it an ideal choice for modern workplaces. By streamlining the food ordering process and offering a wide variety of meal options, MealPe ensures that employees are well-fed and happy, contributing to a positive and productive work environment. Whether you’re a small startup or a large enterprise, MealPe has the tools and expertise to meet your corporate catering needs.

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