Vending Machine Companies in India: Transforming Convenience with Mealpe


The vending machine industry in India is evolving rapidly, adapting to the country’s growing demand for convenience and efficiency. Companies like Daalchini, Vendiman, Wendor, Vendolite, Vendstop, Vendikin, and Snaxsmart are leading this transformation, offering innovative solutions across various sectors. From offices and coworking spaces to hospitals and gyms, vending machines are becoming an integral part of everyday life. Mealpe, as a concept, underscores the importance of accessible, on-the-go meal options that these companies provide.

Vending machines have revolutionized the way people access food and beverages in various settings across India. Whether at office coworking spaces, hospitals, manufacturing plants, colleges, stationery shops, gyms, co-living spaces, malls, hostels, coaching institutes, or any other locale, vending machines provide convenience and efficiency. In this detailed blog, we will explore the top vending machine companies in India, focusing on their unique offerings, technological advancements, and how they integrate with platforms like Mealpe.

Daalchini: Revolutionizing On-the-Go Food Consumption

Daalchini is a pioneer in smart retail, focusing on on-the-go food consumption. Their full-stack offerings include vending machines, micro-markets, and mobility solutions. The company’s innovative approach ensures that customers have access to fresh, ready-to-eat meals throughout the day.

Daalchini’s platform is built around advanced technologies such as IoT and machine learning, enabling remote management of inventory, health, shelf-life, and user experience. Their mobile app enhances the customer experience by providing information on nearby kiosks, menus, offers, and payment options via cards, UPI, and net banking.

The partner app connects distribution staff, brands, and location partners, facilitating the seamless launch of new products. Daalchini’s ML-based projection and supply chain engine, “Order-for-tomorrow,” extends the vending machine capabilities beyond packaged foods, catering to diverse meal needs.

Vendiman: Pioneering Instant Commerce

Vendiman stands out as a leader in instant commerce, providing smart retail solutions for food, beverages, and allied categories. Their mission is to make everyday convenience smarter, safer, and easier. With over 2000 machines and 550+ clients across 20+ cities, Vendiman has a significant daily outreach, making them a key player in the industry.

Their product categories range from bottled water and healthy snacks to ready-to-eat meals and beverages. Vendiman’s smart micro-retail solutions are designed for seamless payment and easy access, ensuring a stress-free user experience. Their machines are stylish and equipped with advanced technology, including cashless payment options and real-time inventory management.

Wendor: Smart Vending Solutions for Every Business

Wendor offers a range of high-quality vending machines tailored to various business needs. Their products, such as Wendor Atlas, Nova+, Slim, and Mini, are designed with user-friendly interfaces and support for multiple cashless payment methods.

Wendor’s vending machines are equipped with features like touch interfaces, QR code payments, and robust inventory management systems. They offer remote control capabilities, allowing businesses to manage inventory and sales analysis efficiently. Wendor’s focus on reducing vandalism and ensuring seamless refunds enhances customer trust and satisfaction.

Their cloud-based vending management system provides real-time tracking, demand analysis, and comprehensive support for vending machine operations. Wendor’s dedication to customization and power backup solutions ensures uninterrupted service, making them a reliable choice for businesses.

Vendolite: Leading the Smart Vending Market

Vendolite has been a pioneer in the smart vending machine business since 2013. They offer a wide range of vending solutions, including manufacturing, rental, retail, wholesale, and franchise models. Vendolite’s machines are known for their advanced technology and cost-effectiveness, catering to diverse applications from snacks and beverages to PPE and medical supplies.

Their cloud-based technology enables real-time monitoring and management of machines, while flexible payment options enhance user convenience. Vendolite’s IoT-enabled solutions help reduce costs, increase revenue, and improve customer service. Their machines also serve as effective marketing tools, displaying advertisements and promotional campaigns.

Vendstop: Comprehensive Vending Solutions

Vendstop is a veteran in the vending machine industry with over 20 years of experience. They provide end-to-end solutions for various vending needs, ensuring high-quality machines and exceptional service. Vendstop’s products are designed for durability and low maintenance, supporting the latest global technologies and payment systems.

Their capabilities include vending machines for tools, PPE, perishable items, and sensitive products. Vendstop partners with food and beverage brands to strategize product launches through vending machines, offering customized solutions for large projects. Their machines are equipped with digital payment options and advanced components, ensuring reliability and efficiency.

Vendikin: Digitizing Unattended Retail

Founded in 2016, Vendekin has been at the forefront of digitizing and democratizing vending with its patented technology. Their hardware-enabled SaaS platform supports smart vending machines, micro markets, and self-service kiosks, providing a touch-free, mobile-first interface.

Vendekin’s smart vending machines offer features like remote monitoring, secure digital transactions, quick refunds, and customizable promotions. Their platform supports inventory management, real-time data analytics, and predictive analysis, enhancing business efficiency. Vendekin’s solutions cater to various applications, from FMCG and electronics to self-service eateries and data collection.

Snaxsmart: Enhancing Workplace Snacking

Snaxsmart focuses on providing nutritious and diverse snack options through their vending machines. Their emphasis on quality assurance, hygiene excellence, and timely support ensures customer satisfaction. Snaxsmart’s machines are strategically placed in corporate offices, hotels, hospitals, and theaters, offering convenient access to healthy snacks.

Their services include rental, refilling, installation, and maintenance, ensuring that the vending machines operate smoothly and efficiently. Snaxsmart’s commitment to freshness and variety makes them a trusted partner for promoting a healthier lifestyle at work.

Integrating Vending Machines with Mealpe

Mealpe is a platform that enhances the functionality and user experience of vending machines by integrating various features and services:

Benefits of Integration

  1. Unified Management: Provides a single platform to manage multiple vending machine providers.
  2. Seamless Payment Integration: Supports multiple payment methods, ensuring a hassle-free transaction process.
  3. Enhanced User Experience: Offers a comprehensive app for users to locate machines, view menus, and avail offers.

How Mealpe Enhances Vending Solutions

  1. Remote Management: Allows businesses to manage inventory and monitor machine status remotely.
  2. Customizable Promotions: Facilitates targeted promotions and loyalty programs to boost customer engagement.
  3. Real-Time Analytics: Provides detailed insights into sales and user preferences, helping businesses make informed decisions.


Vending machines have become an essential part of the retail landscape in India, providing convenience and efficiency in various settings. Companies like Daalchini, Vendiman, Wendor, Vendolite, Vendstop, Vendekin, and Snaxsmart are leading the way with innovative solutions and advanced technology. By integrating these vending solutions with platforms like Mealpe, businesses can further enhance their operations and provide an exceptional user experience.

Whether you are looking to install vending machines in office spaces, hospitals, colleges, or other locations, these companies offer a range of products and services to meet your needs. Embrace the future of vending with these leading providers and Mealpe, and take your business to new heights.

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