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Building a comprehensive and effective food program for your organization can significantly enhance employee satisfaction, productivity, and overall workplace culture. MealPe offers a dynamic solution for corporate food programs in India, catering to various business needs and ensuring a seamless, enjoyable experience for employees. In this detailed guide, we will explore how to build a food program for your organization using MealPe, covering everything from the types of corporate meal programs available to the benefits and implementation strategies.

4 Reasons to Feed Employees

Feeding employees is more than just a perk; it’s a strategic move to improve workplace dynamics and productivity. Here are four compelling reasons to implement an employee meal program:

  1. Food Motivates Employees to Work Onsite: Providing meals encourages employees to come to the office, enhancing attendance and engagement.
  2. Lunch Breaks Improve Performance and Productivity: Regular breaks for meals can rejuvenate employees, leading to better focus and efficiency.
  3. Gathering for Meals Increases Employee Engagement and Collaboration: Shared meals foster communication and teamwork, strengthening bonds among colleagues.
  4. Promoting Food Perks Can Help with Hiring and Retention: Offering meal benefits makes your company more attractive to potential hires and helps retain existing staff by showing that you care about their well-being.

Types of Corporate Meal Programs

MealPe offers various corporate meal programs tailored to different needs and preferences:

1. One-time Credits

One-time credits allow employees to enjoy meals without any ongoing commitment. This option is perfect for special occasions or as a one-off perk.

2. Recurring Credits

Recurring credits provide employees with a regular meal allowance, promoting consistency and reliability. This can be on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

3. Expensed Meals

Expensed meals are ideal for business trips or client meetings. Employees can order meals and have the costs reimbursed, ensuring they are well-fed during important engagements.

Curated Menus from Top Restaurants

MealPe partners with top local restaurants to deliver a variety of breakfast, lunch, and happy hour menus. These menus are curated for taste, variety, and reliability, ensuring that employees always have exciting and satisfying meal options.

Flexible Ordering Options

You can place orders yourself within minutes or opt for an account manager to handle meals on autopilot. MealPe offers both buffet-style catering and individual meal selections, removing any guesswork and ensuring that dietary preferences are met.

Daily Employee Meals

MealPe provides individually packaged meals from kitchen partners delivered right to your building. This solution easily scales to accommodate changing headcounts and budgets, with employees selecting their meals from a rotating list of favorite kitchen partners.

Hybrid Office Solution

For hybrid work models, MealPe offers a flexible food program that supports employees both onsite and remotely. This includes family-style buffet catering and boxed meals ordered from a customized digital cafeteria.

Managed Cafeteria Solution

MealPe’s managed cafeteria solution includes family-style buffet catering, boxed meals, and whole-day snacks via a pop-up counter. Employees can order food using a QR/Mobile-based ordering system, simplifying the process and enhancing convenience.

Catered Meetings and Events

From team lunches to training sessions, MealPe caters to groups of any size and budget. This includes board meetings, happy hours, birthday celebrations, sales training, holidays, and special events.

Benefits of Implementing an Office Lunch & Catering Program

Implementing a corporate meal program offers numerous benefits, including:

Employee Happiness & Wellness

Providing meals sends a message that you care about employee well-being, leading to happier and more satisfied employees.

Hygiene and Sanitation

An office meal program minimizes exposure from employees leaving the office for food, reducing the risk of illness and ensuring a safer workplace.

Culture Building & Productivity

Shared meals encourage communication and collaboration, fostering a stronger company culture and enhancing productivity.


MealPe works with hundreds of restaurants and caterers, offering a wide variety of cuisines and seasonal menus to keep employees excited about their meal options.

Types of Employee Meal Programs

MealPe offers several types of meal programs to fit your business needs:

Per Diem

A daily allowance provided to employees to cover meals and incidental costs while on business trips or away from the office.

Travel Allowance

Similar to a per diem, this allowance covers the cost of meals and snacks for employees traveling for business.

Client or Internal Meetings

A meal stipend that makes it easy for teams to host clients or their own team during work hours.

Special Occasions or Milestones

Treat your team to a celebratory meal for events like monthly lunch-and-learns or annual office milestones.

Employee Perks

A meal program for all employees, including remote workers, allowing them to order meals of their choice and have them reimbursed.

Building Your Food Program with MealPe

Here’s how you can build a successful food program for your organization with MealPe:

Step 1: Assess Your Needs

Determine the size, budget, and complexity of your food program. Consider the number of employees, dietary preferences, and the frequency of meals.

Step 2: Choose Your Meal Programs

Select from one-time credits, recurring credits, expensed meals, and more. Decide if you want to offer buffet-style catering, individual meal selections, or a hybrid approach.

Step 3: Curate Menus

Work with MealPe to curate menus from top local restaurants. Ensure a variety of options to cater to different tastes and dietary requirements.

Step 4: Implement Ordering and Delivery Systems

Set up an easy-to-use ordering system, either self-managed or through an account manager. Ensure meals are delivered on time and within budget.

Step 5: Monitor and Adjust

Regularly review the program’s performance and make adjustments as needed. Use employee feedback to improve meal options and delivery schedules.

Why Choose MealPe?

MealPe offers a comprehensive solution for corporate meal programs, providing flexibility, variety, and reliability. With a focus on employee satisfaction and operational efficiency, MealPe is the ideal partner for building a successful food program for your organization.

FAQs about Building a Food Program with MealPe

1. What types of meal programs does MealPe offer?

MealPe offers one-time credits, recurring credits, expensed meals, and hybrid office solutions, catering to various business needs and preferences.

2. How does MealPe ensure meal variety and quality?

MealPe partners with top local restaurants to curate menus that are diverse and of high quality. They offer a rotating list of favorite kitchen partners to keep meal options exciting.

3. Can MealPe accommodate dietary restrictions?

Yes, MealPe works with a variety of restaurants and caterers to ensure that dietary restrictions and preferences are met.

4. How does MealPe handle meal delivery?

MealPe provides individually packaged meals delivered right to your building. They offer free delivery and easily scale orders up or down to accommodate changing headcounts and budgets.

5. What are the benefits of a corporate meal program?

A corporate meal program enhances employee satisfaction, productivity, and workplace culture. It minimizes exposure to health risks, fosters team collaboration, and provides a variety of meal options.

6. How do I get started with MealPe?

To get started, assess your organization’s meal needs, choose your meal programs, curate menus, implement ordering and delivery systems, and monitor the program’s performance. MealPe will guide you through each step to ensure a successful implementation.


Building a food program for your organization with MealPe in India is a strategic move to enhance employee satisfaction and productivity. By offering a variety of meal programs and curated menus from top local restaurants, MealPe ensures a seamless and enjoyable dining experience for your employees. With flexible ordering options, reliable delivery, and a focus on employee well-being, MealPe is the ideal partner for creating a comprehensive corporate meal program.

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