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Our Story

Our journey started when we ran a business providing housing and food to students. We noticed a common problem – students and staff often didn’t have enough time for proper meals during the busy day. They were either hungry or couldn’t make it to the cafeteria in time. Food vendors also had a hard time dealing with unpredictable demand and making sure food quality was good enough during the busiest times.

After looking into this issue, we realized that many places, like hospitals, food courts, theaters, and more, faced the same problem: people had trouble finding and ordering food easily. That’s when we decided to create MealPe to solve this problem by making it simple to find and order food online.



Our big idea at MealPe is to use technology to make the food industry better. We want to organize everything about food, from how it’s made and delivered to how you pay for it and order it online. We believe technology can change the way we eat for the better.

Our Mission at MealPe has 3 main parts:

To be the Favourite FoodTech Company

We want people to love using MealPe to find and order food, especially when they’re in places like colleges, offices, and hospitals.

Help Food Vendors Make More Business

We aim to use technology to help food businesses earn more money and do well.

Make Ordering Food the Easiest, Everywhere.

We want to make it simple for people to find and order food no matter where they are in India.

Our Team is the heart of MealPe:

Satya Mehta

CMO & CBO: The creative mind who wants to make MealPe a well-known name that people love.

Maharsh Shah

CEO & CTO: The leader who loves using technology to make MealPe amazing.

Deval Patel

COO & CFO: The person who keeps MealPe running smoothly and takes care of the money.

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