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Local Food Love

Discover hidden gems around your workplace, school, hospital, or shopping malls. Your local food spots just became your new food crush.

Time on Your Side

Your time is precious, and we get that. With MealPe, you’re in control of when your meal is ready. Your food is prepared when you want it.

Your Way, Every Day

Choose how you dine. Pick up, eat in, or have it delivered, all perfectly timed to fit and suit your busy schedule. Happy lunch!

Restaurant Wizardry

We’re not just for diners; we’re for restaurants too. We make their lives easier, ensuring your meal is nothing short of perfection.

Join us in the delicious revolution! Make every meal a memory with MealPe. Time to savor life, one bite at a time.

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For Foodies
For Restaurants

Local Food Discovery

Discover hidden gems near your workplace, school, hospital, or shopping center, turning local food spots into your go-to dining destinations with the help of MealPe.

Schedule meal times to ensure your food is ready when you are, minimizing wait times.

Tailor your dining experience with daily, weekly, or monthly meal subscriptions that fit your lifestyle.

Whether you prefer takeout, dine-in, or delivery, MealPe lets you choose how you enjoy your meal, tailored to fit your busy schedule.

Save your favorite dishes and receive personalized restaurant recommendations based on your dining history and preferences.

Order Management

Efficiently manage incoming orders, including real-time notifications, order preparation, and order completion tracking.

Join the MealPe platform to expand your restaurant’s reach to a wider audience, ensuring your delicious offerings are discovered by local customers and beyond.

Experience the convenience of swift financial settlements with MealPe. We offer astonishing settlement times, ensuring that your restaurant receives payments within just 1 day

Easily update and customize your menu within the app, showcasing your dishes, prices, and special promotions.

Access valuable insights into order trends, popular dishes, and customer preferences to make data-driven decisions.

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